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Civerex Systems Inc. is a leading International software company that manufactures knowledgebase (CIVER-MANAGE™), process mapping (CiverOrders™), workflow management/continuous quality management software suites (CIVER-PSYCH®, CIVER-MED™, CIVER-MIND™, CIVER-SUPPLIER™, CIVER-CERTIFY™) for mission-critical applications. Industry/application areas include behavioral healthcare, general medicine, law enforcement, manufacturing, accreditation, and B2B.

The Civerex software suites enable its customers to set strategic goals/objectives, develop and implement best practice protocols that are supportive of these goals/objectives, and set in place data recording facilities and compliance controls at key process points.

No single application system is capable of addressing all of an organization’s needs. For this reason, Civerex puts a central focus on interoperability, starting with a standalone generic Data Exchanger called CIVER-EXCHANGE. CIVER-EXCHANGE allows organizations to seamlessly interconnect applications where publishers share information on a need-to-know basis and where subscribers and publishers alike are able to read/write data using their own native data element naming conventions.

All of the Civerex core transaction processing applications have their foundation in Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Business Process Management (BPM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). These methodologies make it possible for Civerex software products to accommodate any mix of structured versus unstructured work (5/95% to 95/5%) and to accommodate enterprise content management at any step or ad hoc intervention (i.e. e-mail, portal services, external document attachment).

If you are looking for better ways and means of managing your business to the point where strategy and operations align with customer expectations and satisfaction, Civerex can help you to achieve this goal.

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