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Major Crimes Case Management

We facilitate rollout of your industry "best practices" for undertaking crime scene investigations using real-time data collection and decision support software designed to improve investigative outcomes.


CiverIncident™ is Incident Response/Case Management software that allows Police Departments to roll out Policy & Procedure as workflows to a mobile workload platform that provides orchestration and governance (i.e. doing the right things, the right way, using the right resources), with timing under the control of staff and supervisors.  Our software achieves this with background BPM (Business Process Management) plus in-line Rule Sets. 

CiverMind™ is a graphic Free-Form-Search "connect-the-dots" software suite capable of hosting any number of active and cold Cases.

Provides dynamic on-site decision support aimed at improving crime scene investigative outcomes.
Provides agencies with connect-the-dots knowlegebases capable of hosting all of an investigative team's active and cold Cases at one computer screen.