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Unique Features

Web Based or LAN/WAN Configurations

CIVER-PSYCH can be configured to run on servers located at customer premises, or at ASP sites. Access methods range from Internet Web Browsers to LAN/WAN workstations.

Benefits are Increased Processing Options

Fully Integrated Components

CIVER-PSYCH's components are fully integrated. Information from one input form can be automatically broadcast to other forms that need to display the same information.x

Benefits include Time Saving and Improved Accuracy.

Decision-Support Facilities

Decision-Support facilities across all components allow users to go beyond simple data collection.

These facilities include;

Identification of candidate disorders during symptom affirmation
Disorder-specific access to treatment texts
Consolidation of data across multiple forms into narratives
Easy access to the Electronic Medical Record

Benefits are Reduced Errors

Rule-based Forms

Rule-based forms allow providers to be alerted when a Managed Care Countdown dips below a pre-determined level, when a lab test result has been received. Scoring on scales can be carried out dynamically during data collection.

Benefits are Automated Processing

Optimizing Scheduler

The Optimizing Scheduler makes it possible to attach patients to pre-sheduled events. A search comprising any number of patient/provider preferences and constraints (e.g. location and type of appointment, and patient language preference) can be carried out.

Benefits are Increased Efficiency and a Reduction in Patient Waiting Times

Electronic Medical Record

A complete electronic audit trail is created for all clinical and scheduling interventions on behalf of each patient, complete with date/time stamps and user signature. Immediate access to case data via hyperlinks is provided.

Benefits are an Immediate Access to Case Files

Rate Reimbursement Tables

As an option to single reimbursement rates per payer/CPT, user defined reimbursement tables (e.g. skill level, internal service code, payer, patient income level and point of service) can be built. Users may select attributes in any order and cause the applicable reimbursement rate to be retrieved and posted.

Benefits are Reduced Posting Efforts

Auto-Posting from Scheduler

Auto-posting of transactions to patient ledgers can be carried out from the Scheduler, eliminating the need for billing staff to look up CPT codes, cost codes, and charge rates/reimbursement rates. A batch billing facility allows charges to be processed efficiently and quickly. Posting to Revenue and Receivables is automatic.

Benefits are Reduced Administrative Costs and an Improved Payment Cycle

Data Warehouse Utility

Data Warehouse naming conventions can be applied to CIVER-PSYCH data elements. This eliminates the need for data mapping.

Benefits are Simplified Data Import to Central Computing Facilities

Roles/Access Rights

Advanced security features allow a high degree of control over where and what users can view and edit.

Benefits are the Protection of Your Data
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