Civerex offers a complete range of professional services to assist you with Strategic Planning, Project Management, Infrastructure Configuration or ASP Outsourcing for your software system.

Implementation Services (e.g.Software Set-Up, Legacy Data Conversion, Form and Report Design), Training, System Startup, ongoing Service and Maintenance, and Facilities Management services can also be provided.

Strategic Planning

Civerex industry experts can mediate high level organizational planning sessions to provide a solid foundation for client organizations. Areas of expertise include optimal structuring of functional responsibilities, and work flow analysis/mapping.

Civerex can help organizations define best practices workflows that reflect industry practices and organizational policy/procedure. Technical assistance can be provided for putting best practices in-line and setup of continuous process improvement programs.

Project Management

Civerex project experts can lead project planning from initial schedule preparation through workflow analysis, forms/report design, legacy data conversion, and system startup. Weekly updates are provided to project schedules with conference calls and site visits as appropriate. Fees are typically expressed as a percentage of total project cost.

Infrastructure Configuration

Civerex can provide hardware and network advice and assistance regarding infrastructure configuration. Certified Civerex Implementation Partners can help specify, order, install and set up hardware, networks, operating systems and database management software.

ASP Outsourcing

Outsourcing services are available from 3rd party Application Service Providers and include hardware,operating systems, network, database management systems and application systems. Service for the computing infrastructure is provided 24/7. Various rental/lease options are available.

Implementation Services

Civerex implementation specialists can provide advice and assistance or take on a primary role in carrying out software set-up, legacy data conversion, and form and report design. Advanced technology allows most implementation activities to be done at a distance, greatly reducing implementation time and costs.

Legacy Data Conversion

Data specialists can help agencies plan and coordinate legacy data import activity. Various approaches can be used to facilitate data import to avoid the need for manual data entry. Data conversion work is carried out on a time-and-material basis owing to the diversity of data formats and the need to develop and apply complex editing rules to data being imported.

Form and Report Design

All Civerex products contain Form and Narrative Report Template point-and-click builders to enable user-customization. A Form and Report Template Preparation Service is available for users who do not wish to design their own Form and Report Templates. Statistical/tabular report scripts can be prepared using any 3rd party reporting tool.


Civerex provides customized web-based or on-site training packages to address the specific needs of each organization.

System Startup

Civerex provides System Startup Services to ease the transition to new software. The need for these services varies according to the size of the organization and its IT structure.

Service and Maintenance

Civerex provides Service & Maintenance on an annual contract basis at 20% of software license fees. Designated representatives within organizations can receive support by phone, e-mail, on-line HELP and FAQs. Maintenance in the form of software and documentation updates and upgrades is included.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management services can be provided to customers who lack the on-going internal resources or time to design their own Forms and Reports, and maintain Provider and Insurance Data (e.g. Referrals lists, Payor lists etc.). A qualified application systems specialist is assigned to each customer.

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