PRESS RELEASE 2012.12.05

Coast eClinical Hub Enables Advanced Interoperability Across Member Agencies

Coast Healthcare Management, LLC recently signed a contract with Civerex Systems Inc. for its CIVER-eHUB™ Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology. This allows Coast’s participating physician practices and medical groups to electronically receive, via the Coast eClinical Hub, on-demand, up-to-date consolidated clinical information across participating agencies for patients who are serviced by more than one agency.

Participating agencies can now use certified electronic health records (EHR) technology to generate and transmit continuity of care documents (CCDs) via a secure encrypted channel to the Coast eClinical Hub. In addition to CCDs, laboratory, radiology, and clinical results from local hospital partners are available for data sharing at the eClinical Hub.

Dale Gooden, the EHR Department Manager at Coast says "The Civerex suite of applications allows the exchange of electronic-protected health information (ePHI) by and between users on CCD, HL7, CDA, and PDF formats all within a HITECH-HIPAA secure environment. Coast eClinical-Hub has the ability to significantly improve the quality of healthcare services delivery to patients by improving clinical decision making by providers at member practices and reduces costs by eliminating duplicative, redundant testing."

For more information regarding Coast eClinical Hub, contributing physicians or hospitals can log on to or email

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About Coast Healthcare Management: Coast Healthcare Management, LLC, a management service organization (MSO) for Independent Physicians Associations (IPA) and an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), has been providing management services to Physicians Groups since 1985. We currently provide services to Alamitos IPA, Brookshire IPA, Family Care Specialist IPA, Good Samaritan Medicinal Practice Association, Lakewood IPA, Pioneer Provider Network, Primary Care Associates of California and St. Mary IPA (the Groups.) The Groups are independent medical groups who provide medical services to over 100,000 subscribers. Together the Groups contract with over 700 primary and specialty care physicians who practice medicine throughout the greater Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

About Civerex Systems: Civerex Systems Inc. is a leading International management consulting and software company that manufactures knowledgebase (CIVER-MANAGE™), process mapping (CiverOrders™), best practices workflow and continuous quality management software suites (CIVER-PSYCH®, CIVER-MED™, CIVER-SUPPLIER™, CIVER-CERTIFY™), connect-the-dots (CIVER-MIND™), data exchange (CIVER-EXCHANGE™, CiverSubmit™ and CIVER-eHUB™) software for mission-critical applications. Industry/application areas include behavioral healthcare, general medicine, law enforcement, manufacturing, accreditation to standards, and B2B.

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