PRESS RELEASE 2012.03.15

New Laptop Versions of CIVER-PSYCH® & CIVER-MED™ Provide Greater Flexibility to Healthcare Professionals

Civerex Systems Inc., a leading international software company, is pleased to announce the release of Laptop Versions of its CIVER-PSYCH® behavioral healthcare and CIVER-MED™ general medical software. Healthcare professionals can now extract caseloads from their agency central server to individual laptops, go off site to residences, homes, and institutions where Internet connections may not be available, and have off-line access to a full range of case management functions.

The Laptop Versions allow Case Workers to quickly review Patient Case Histories, have easy access to decision-support services, write-up progress notes, and then, with one-click, upload data back to the agency central server as soon as an Internet connection can be established.

Since security with mobile solutions is always a concern, the CIVER-PSYCH® and CIVER-MED™ Laptop Versions have several levels of security for increased data protection. Civerex recommends the use of login passwords at laptops, one option being to store these on a wearable USB flash drive. Following login at a laptop, access to patient data requires a user name/pass, which can, again, come from the USB drive.

As for data content, at each laptop this is limited to a particular user’s caseload over a short forward timeframe. Once a workday is complete, the user can close out the day by uploading data back to the agency central server. Uploading automatically clears all data from the application itself.

For additional information about CIVER-PSYCH and CIVER-MED Laptop Versions, contact Doreen McCready at or call 1-800-529-5355.

About Civerex Systems Inc.

Civerex Systems Inc. is an international privately held software company that has more than 15 years corporate experience developing workflow management and compliance control software for mission-critical applications in behavioral healthcare, general medicine, telehealth, knowledgebase building, criminal investigations, certifications and accreditations, remote inspections/QA management, and electronic corporate experience and electronic data exchange.

Products include CIVER-EHR™ (patient healthcare management system), CIVER-PSYCH® (behavioral healthcare), CIVER-MED™ (general medicine), CiverOrders™ (workflow management), CiverMail™ (point-of-care eMessaging), CiverExchange™ (data interchange), CiverSubmit™ (EDI formattting/parsing), CIVER-MIND™ (criminal investigations), CIVER-MANAGE™ (knowledgebase building), CIVER-CERTIFY™(certifications and accreditations), and CIVER-SUPPLIER™ (remote inspections/QA management).

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