PRESS RELEASE 2011.04.24

Civerex Announces New Healthcare Product – CIVER-EHR™- for MU Incentives

Civerex Systems Inc. is pleased to provide advance notice of a new healthcare product called CIVER-EHR™ Version 1 for healthcare agencies who are eligible for Meaningful Use (MU) incentives.

As at its launch date, CIVER-EHR™ will combine the features and functions of two existing Civerex healthcare products (CIVER-PSYCH® 7 and CIVER-MED™ 7) and will be bundled with CiverExchange™ (data interchange utility) and CiverSubmit™ (EDI formatting/parsing utility).

CIVER-EHR™ will be marketed as a “Stage 1 Meaningful Use Complete EHR certified software suite” and will bear a certificate attesting to “2011/2012 compliancy and certification by an ONC-ATCB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services”.

Updates to CIVER-EHR™ to meet Stages 2 and 3 MU criteria will be made available for an upgrade fee as and when Stage 2 and Stage 3 criteria are published and CIVER-EHR™ has been re-tested and re-certified for each Stage.

Existing US customers of CIVER-PSYCH® and CIVER-MED™ who have licenses for CiverExchange™ and CiverSubmit™ may switch, at no cost, to CIVER-EHR™ at any time from the date of availability of CIVER-EHR™ and signature of a new annual Service & Maintenance agreement.

Owing to the need for re-testing/re-certification of CIVER-EHR™ as and when changes are made, customers who have switched to CIVER-EHR™ may not switch back to CIVER-PSYCH® or CIVERMED™.

CIVER-EHR™ is not intended as a replacement for CIVER-PSYCH® or CIVER-MED™. Updates of both of these products will occur at the usual frequency.

For additional information about CIVER-EHR™ , please contact Walter Keirstead at 1-800-529-5355.

About Civerex Systems Inc.

Civerex Systems Inc. is an international privately held software company that has more than 15 years corporate experience developing workflow management and compliance control software for mission-critical applications in behavioral healthcare, general medicine, tele-medicine, knowledgebase building, criminal investigations, certifications and accreditations, remote inspections/QA management, and electronic data exchange.

Products include CIVER-PSYCH® (behavioral healthcare management), CIVER-MED™ (general medical management), CiverOrders™ (workflow management), CiverMail™ (point-of-care eMessaging), CiverExchange™ (data interchange), CiverSubmit™ (EDI formattting/parsing), CiverWeb™ (web portal plug-in), CIVER-MIND™ (criminal investigations), CIVER-MANAGE™ (knowledgebase building), CIVER-CERTIFY™ (certifications/accreditations), and CIVER-SUPPLIER™ (remote inspections/QA management)

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