Web Site/Portal Plug-In
CiverWeb™ is web site/portal plug-in technology that provides a direct pipeline between an agency's CIVER-PSYCH Behavioral Healthcare Management System and its web site/portal, benefitting agency front/back office staff, providers and patients as follows:

Enables Document Exchange with Patients

CiverWeb enables agencies to exchange documents with patients at agency web sites/portals, reducing the volume of phone, letter and e-mail communication by as much as 80% for patients who have Internet access, resulting in reduced front/back office costs and improved efficiency. For example, agencies can:

Improves Patient Services

CiverWeb allows patients to request and receive a range of administrative services, 24x7, at agency web site/portals resulting in an improved level of service to patients. At any time of day or night, patients can:

Supports Tele-health Initiatives

CiverWeb enables clinical staff to provide tele-health services to patients at a distance, using web cams, voice, and data channels, making it possible for clinical staff to:

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