for b2b applications with ACM, BPM and ECM

If you are looking for better, cost-effective ways and means of managing your business to the point where strategy and operations align with customer expectations and customer satisfaction, Civerex Systems can provide you with software to help you to achieve this goal.

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ is multifunctional, enterprise software for b2b organizations. Together with its seamlessly integrated modules (CiverOrders™, CiverExchange™), it provides Case Management, Workflow Management, Resource Allocation Leveling and Balancing, Data Collection, Interoperability, and Data Consolidation functionality.

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ for Case Management

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ provides guidance in respect of the performance of work plus guardrails (checks and balances) to ensure that the right things get done by the right people, the right way, at the right time. The opportunity for things to fall between the cracks is greatly reduced.

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ has its foundation in Adaptive Case Management (ACM) and Business Process Management (BPM). These two management methodologies allow you to manage any mix of structured work and ad-hoc or unstructured work.

Traditional "database records" become "CASES" in CIVER-SUPPLIER. A Case can accommodate any number of "objects" ranging from traditional database "fields" to .doc files, PDF files, spreadsheets, images, even video/audio recordings. All objects are stored at CASES so that information access can be on a strict need-to-know basis.

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ for Workflow Management

Upstream from CIVER-SUPPLIER™, CiverOrders™ allows organizations to develop "best practices" templates and generate run-time instances of templates.

Users map out their processes in the CiverOrders™ graphic environment using "drop and drag" techniques. One click generates process templates for use in the CIVER-SUPPLIER™ Run Time (RT) environment. The RT environment posts tasks to the attention of the appropriate resources (machines, software or humans) based on BPM process map logic/timing/task routing (guidance) with ACM/BPM providing guardrails in respect of the performance of work.

The RT User Interface consists of a single split-screen comprising a calendar for the management of "fixed time" appointments and an Orders InTray listing "floating time" tasks. Anyone who has used an agenda book immediately relates to the User Interface.

CIVER-SUPPLIER™for Automated Resource Allocation, Leveling and Balancing (RALB)

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ RALB broadcasts "orders" to all users who match the skill category classification encoded to each task in the process mapping environment. This provides automated task loading and leveling across users. Once a user "takes" a task, he/she "owns" the task until it is completed or the task is put back into the task pool. Users micro-schedule tasks around their fixed-time appointments. Supervisors level and balance tasks across workers from an Executive Dashboard.

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ for Data Collection

Data Collection Forms are designed in CIVER-SUPPLIER™ to collect task-specific data. The data automatically flows to a Task History (i.e. the "Case") where users may view data, as it was, at the time the data was collected, on the form versions that were in service at that time. All recordings at Cases include system-assigned date/timestamp and user "signatures".

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ for Interoperabilty

As data is being collected at tasks, a parallel data stream flows from CIVER-SUPPLIER™ to an at-arms-length Data Exchanger (CiverExchange™), and from there the data is distributed to local and remote 3rd party systems and applications, on a need-to-know basis.

The Data Exchanger also accommodates data import. One-time data element mapping allows each publisher and subscriber to write/read data using their respective native data element naming conventions.

For data transport, a formatter/parser (CiverSubmit™) allows outbound data to be formatted to the specific needs of individual subscribers for import to their respective systems and applications. CiverSubmit™ parses inbound files to extract data from industry standard or custom formats and auto-import this data to CIVER-SUPPLIER™.

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ for Data Consolidation

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ integrates seamlessly with CIVER-MANAGE™ (a Civerex knowledgebase environment used for Business Intelligence initiatives) and supports data consolidation across multiple-entity Record Sets in the CIVER-MANAGE™ knowledgebase. Users are able to carry out free-form data searches across the consolidated data and also carry out structured searches at their organization’s normalized data warehouse.

Licensing & Setup

A range of licensing and setup options is available (on-site/off-site). Private label licensing is available for organizations that wish to brand their own ACM/BPM/ECM products.

Setup requires pre-installation of Microsoft's SQL Server database management system. CIVER-SUPPLIER™ and its modules (CiverOrders™, CiverExchange™, CiverSubmit™) can be installed and operating within less than one day.

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