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Behavioral Healthcare Management

CIVER-PSYCH is advanced HIPAA-friendly Behavioral Healthcare Management software. In addition to traditional practice management and case management functionality, CIVER-PSYCH allows behavioral healthcare agencies to implement their administrative and clinical best practices as workflows for efficient Patient processing and improved outcomes. Best practices are implemented as a series of interlinked interventions, with instructions, routings, and automatic navigation to all forms needed to record intervention details.

CIVER-PSYCH's fully integrated behavioral healthcare components include Scheduling, Demographics, Clinical, Billing/Claims, Multi-Modal Mesaging, powerful Development Tools and a run-time version of the CiverOrders™ workflow development application.

All information collected in CIVER-PSYCH automatically goes to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that provides a complete audit trail of interventions with date/time stamps, electronic signatures and the ability to recall completed forms.

CIVER-PSYCH Components

Scheduling - includes outpatient, inpatient and program scheduling, with optimization tools for pre-scheduling appointment time slots; wait list/bump list management, and capacity scheduling and resource allocation.

Demographics - allows Patient demographic information (Patient Particulars/ Insurance Particulars) to be collected on any number of agency-specific forms.

Clinical - includes customizable data collection forms, powerful assessment and diagnostic capabilities, a flexible goal-oriented treatment planner, a hospital-level prescription writer, a voice parser, and comprehensive reference material.

Billing/Claims - enables efficient billing/claims processing, plus auto-posting of EOB information using open-item/balance accounting, waterfall/non-waterfall/sliding-scale billing.

Multi-Modal Messaging - facilitates communication between agency Care Providers by broadcasting Alerts, posting Alarms, posting Orders to user Orders In-Trays, and directing Notifications/Alarms to individual users.

Development Tools - allows System Administrators to design Forms and Report Templates and to customize the CIVER-PSYCH database.

CiverOrders Run-Time Version - allows agencies to implement operational workflows for efficient patient/client processing.

CIVER-PSYCH Add-On Products

Enhanced functionality is available with CIVER-PSYCH Add-On Products:

Best Practices Workflow Development Environment - CiverOrders™ allows agencies to evolve and implement their administrative and clinical 'best practices' as workflow templates.

Point-of-care Messaging System - CiverMail™ (mid 2016) facilitates collaboration across CIVER-PSYCH users in respect of delivery of healthcare services.

Data Consolidation for Reporting - CiverExtract™ periodically extracts data from CIVER-PSYCH to a Reporting Database. Users are free to use any 3rd party SQL-compliant report tool. Access to report scripts and executables is subject to roles/rights.

Real-Time Data Interchange - CiverExchange™ allows real-time, bi-directional data exchange between CIVER-PSYCH and any number of participating 3rd party application systems.

EDI Message Processing - CiverSubmit™ is an EDI format specification tool that runs as a background task in CIVER-PSYCH and requires no user intervention.

Back Office and Managed Care Functionality - available through 3rd party systems.


Increases staff efficiency - Patient interventions (Appointment Scheduling, Intake, Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment Plans, Medications, and Progress Monitoring) are automatically posted to staff Order In-Trays, indicating for each patient/client the next intervention, who should perform it, how, and when.

Reduces administrative and clinical errors - Steps along care pathways cannot inadvertently be missed, skipped, performed by the wrong resource, performed late or performed too early.

Improves Patient outcomes - Patient/client care is guided by agency or industry disorder-specific and evidence-based policies, procedures and practices.

Minimizes exception reporting - Compliance control is carried out automatically at the individual transaction level, preventing actions that would otherwise lead to errors. Management exception reports are virtually eliminated.

100% audit and recall on transactions - CIVER-PSYCH's true Electronic Health Record includes date/time stamps and electronic signatures with full recall capability (data as it was, using the form versions that were in service at that time).

Improves compliance - Compliance checklists at key steps along care pathways (i.e. chart reviews) ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.

Protects your data - Four separate security mechanisms ensure that patient/client data is only made available on a strict "need to know" basis.

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