Medical Management

CIVER-MED is an enterprise medical management software suite that includes workflow development and workflow management capabilities. Hospitals and clinics can put their best practices in-line as workflows for efficient Patient processing from Intake through Discharge, leading to improved outcomes. CIVER-MED is suited for outpatient, partial-day, inpatient programs with add-on modules to accommodate Patients-At-Portals and tele-health services delivery.

CIVER-MED accommodates Point of Care (POC) demographics, intake, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, prescriptions/labs, and progress monitoring, with automatic routing of data to patient EHRs. Cross-patient services include scheduling, e-messaging, billings/claims processing, outcomes data collection, 3rd party data exchange and reporting.

CIVER-MED's user interface consists of a single computer screen from which all patient-centric processing can be engaged. This makes for easy user training and ongoing use of the software. Staff no longer needs to worry what the next intervention is for a patient, who should perform it, and how or when it should be performed. Interventions automatically post to the user at their Orders InTray, complete with all required instructions and forms to document each intervention.

Background independent compliance controls at key Process Control Points (PCPs) along workflows ensure that processing roadblocks are put in place as and when deficiencies are noted and that these are removed only when deficiencies have been remedied.

CIVER-MED Components

Scheduling - includes outpatient, inpatient and program scheduling, with optimization tools for pre-scheduling appointment time slots; wait list/bump list management, and capacity scheduling and resource allocation.

Demographics - allows Patient demographic information (Patient Particulars/ Insurance Particulars) to be collected on any number of agency-specific forms.

Clinical - includes customizable data collection forms, powerful assessment and diagnostic capabilities, a flexible goal-oriented treatment planner, a hospital-level prescription writer, a voice parser, and comprehensive reference material.

Billing/Claims - enables efficient billing/claims processing, plus auto-posting of EOB information using open-item/balance accounting, waterfall/non-waterfall/sliding-scale billing.

Multi-Modal Messaging - facilitates communication between agency Care Providers by broadcasting Alerts, posting Alarms, posting Orders to user Orders In-Trays, and directing Notifications/Alarms to individual users.

Development Tools - allows System Administrators to design Forms and Report Templates and to customize the CIVER-MED database.

CiverOrders Run-Time Version - allows agencies to implement operational workflows for efficient patient/client processing.

CIVER-MED Add-On Products

Enhanced functionality is available with CIVER-MED Add-On Products:

Best Practices Workflow Development Environment - CiverOrders™ allows agencies to evolve and implement their administrative and clinical 'best practices' as workflow templates.

Point-of-care Messaging System - CiverMail™ facilitates collaboration across CIVER-MED users in respect of delivery of healthcare services.

Data Consolidation for Reporting - CiverExtract™ periodically extracts data from CIVER-MED to a Reporting Database. Users are free to use any 3rd party SQL-compliant report tool. Access to report scripts and executables is subject to roles/rights.

Real-Time Data Interchange - CiverExchange™ allows real-time, bi-directional data exchange between CIVER-MED and any number of participating 3rd party application systems.

EDI Message Processing - CiverSubmit™ is an EDI format specification tool that runs as a background task in CIVER-MED and requires no user intervention.

Back Office and Managed Care Functionality - available through 3rd party systems.

CIVER-MED Quantifiable Benefits

Increases staff efficiency - Patient interventions (Appointment Scheduling, Intake, Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment Plans, Medications, and Progress Monitoring) are automatically posted to staff Order In-Trays, indicating for each patient/client the next intervention, who should perform it, how, and when.

Reduces administrative and clinical errors - Steps along care pathways cannot inadvertently be missed, skipped, performed by the wrong resource, performed late or performed too early.

Improves Patient outcomes - Patient/client care is guided by agency or industry disorder-specific and evidence-based policies, procedures and practices.

Minimizes exception reporting - Compliance control is carried out automatically at the individual transaction level, preventing actions that would otherwise lead to errors. Management exception reports are virtually eliminated.

100% audit and recall on transactions - CIVER-MED's true Electronic Health Record includes date/time stamps and electronic signatures with full recall capability (data as it was, using the form versions that were in service at that time).

Improves compliance - Compliance checklists at key steps along care pathways (i.e. chart reviews) ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.

Protects your data - Four separate security mechanisms ensure that patient/client data is only made available on a strict "need to know" basis.

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