About Civerex Systems Inc.

Civerex Systems Inc. (1994), is an international privately held software company that develops workflow management and compliance control software for mission-critical applications for knowledgebase building, healthcare, major crimes case analysis, manufacturing, certifications and accreditations to standards and electronic data exchange.

The common thread across all Civerex products is affordable, reliable and robust software applications that allow you to build knowledgebases; manage workflows; build and maintain record systems; collect, organize and process massive amounts of information; and interface data with multiple 3rd party systems and environments.

Civerex products include CIVER-MANAGE™ (knowledgebase building), CIVER-CERTIFY™ (certifications/accreditations),CIVER-SUPPLIER™ (manufacturing),CIVER-PSYCH® (behavioral healthcare management), CIVER-MED™ (general medical management), CiverOrders™ (workflow management), CiverMail™ (point-of-care eMessaging), CiverExchange™ (data interchange), CiverSubmit™ (EDI formattting/parsing), CiverWeb™ (web portal plug-in), CIVER-MIND™ (criminal investigations).


Civerex industry experts can help you in the following areas:


Civerex and its Certified Implemetation Partners provide a complete range of services, including:


Civerex has key personnel with extensive experience in information technology, an expert research and development team, computer programmers and professionals in customer support, quality control, technical services and on-site installation and training.

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